MPOWER’s Monthly Scholarships For International Students 2024/2025

For international students aiming to elevate their education in North America without the financial weight, MPOWER Financing shines as a ray of hope. Through its Monthly Scholarship Series, MPOWER Financing offers a substantial aid designed to lessen the economic barriers for students worldwide, facilitating their journey towards academic excellence in the United States and Canada.

Scholarship Insight


In a generous move to back global education, MPOWER Financing has allocated a total of $48,000 in scholarship funds. This initiative aims to assist 36 meritorious international students, enabling them to chase their educational dreams in North America.

  • Intended Audience: The scholarships are specifically for international students enrolled in full-time courses at MPOWER-partnered institutions in the US and Canada.
  • Academic Levels Covered: The program is inclusive of all academic pursuits from Bachelor’s to Doctorate degrees.
  • Scholarship Value: Every month, three scholarships of US$1,000 each are awarded.
  • Host Nations: The scholarships are available for studies in both the United States and Canada.
  • Sponsoring Entity: MPOWER Financing stands as the proud provider of these scholarships.
  • Application Cut-off Date: The final submission deadline is set for November 30, 2023, but with monthly cycles, giving continuous chances for aid.
  • Total Scholarships Offered: A total of 36 scholarships are up for grabs.
  • Eligibility Scope: Students from 141 countries, including but not limited to India, Venezuela, and Nepal, are invited to apply.

How It Works: MPOWER’s Monthly Scholarships


MPOWER revolutionizes the scholarship landscape with its monthly distribution. Each month kicks off with the announcement of a new scholarship theme, guiding prospective applicants on their submission themes. The application window stays open until the last Friday of the month, ensuring ongoing opportunities for financial support all year round.

November 2023 Focus

For the month of November, MPOWER dedicates three scholarships, each with a value of US$1,000. Applicants are expected to meet the specified eligibility criteria to be considered:

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Eligibility Essentials

  • Enrollment: Applicants must be full-time students at an MPOWER-endorsed educational institution in the US or Canada.
  • Visa Requisites: Candidates must hold the appropriate study permits for the US (including DACA recipients) or Canada.
  • Theme Relevance: Each applicant’s field of study must align with the monthly scholarship theme.
  • Inclusivity Clause: The scholarship welcomes applications from all nationalities, with the exception of US citizens in the US and Canadian citizens in Canada. Having an MPOWER borrower status is not a requirement.

Selection Criteria: Identifying Future Pioneers

The essence of the selection process lies in the evaluation of the essays submitted. MPOWER places a premium on:

  • Essay Excellence: The focus is on clarity of thought, visionary ideas, and proficiency in English.
  • Alignment with Goals: The relevance of the applicant’s field of study to their future ambitions is scrutinized.
  • Impact Potential: MPOWER looks for candidates who exhibit the potential to be tomorrow’s innovators, leaders, and change agents.

The Application Odyssey

Venturing into the application process for MPOWER’s Monthly Scholarships is an exciting path laden with possibilities. Here’s a guide to navigate through:

Application Steps

  • Account Setup: Start by creating an account on MPOWER’s official website.
  • Scholarship Application: Fill in the application, detailing your academic journey, financial needs, and extracurricular engagements.
  • Document Submission: Attach unofficial transcripts, proof of acceptance or enrollment at a partner school, valid student visa (if applicable), and a compelling personal statement.

Crafting a Winning Personal Statement

Your personal statement stands as a crucial element of your application. Within 500 words, express your academic and professional goals, financial needs, and why you merit this scholarship.

Deep Dive into Personal Statement Creation

The personal statement is your chance to shine – a narrative that encapsulates your dreams, your journey, and why you stand out as the ideal candidate for MPOWER’s scholarship. This concise essay should not only reflect your academic ambitions and professional aspirations but also highlight your financial need in a manner that resonates with the evaluators. It’s an opportunity to showcase your unique story, your resilience, and how the scholarship will serve as a catalyst in transforming your aspirations into reality.

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MPOWER’s Holistic Evaluation Approach

MPOWER’s assessment of applications goes beyond mere academic achievements. The team meticulously reviews each application, considering a blend of academic prowess, financial necessity, and the strength of the personal statement. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that the scholarships are awarded to candidates who not only excel in their studies but also demonstrate a genuine need for financial support and possess a clear vision for their future.

Key Dates and Deadlines to Remember

Staying on top of the application timeline is crucial. With MPOWER’s scholarships being awarded on a monthly basis, the application window concludes at 11:59 pm EST on the last day of each month. Winners are typically announced within four weeks post the application deadline, making it essential for applicants to keep an eye on their emails and MPOWER’s announcements.

Why MPOWER’s Monthly Scholarships Stand Out

MPOWER’s Monthly Scholarships are not merely financial aids; they represent a stepping stone towards realizing educational and professional dreams for international students. Here’s why they are an opportunity worth seizing:

  • Bridging Financial Gaps: These scholarships play a significant role in covering tuition and living expenses, easing the financial strain on international students.
  • Promoting Cultural Diversity: With recipients hailing from over 141 countries, MPOWER’s scholarships foster a rich cultural exchange and promote a diverse educational environment in North America.
  • Empowering Future Leaders: By alleviating financial concerns, these scholarships allow students to concentrate on their studies and pursue extracurricular activities that fuel their growth and leadership skills.

In Conclusion: A Gateway to Academic and Professional Advancement

MPOWER Financing’s Monthly Scholarships underscore the belief that financial barriers should not impede the educational pursuits of international students. This initiative not only facilitates access to premier educational institutions in the US and Canada but also nurtures a community of diverse, ambitious students ready to make their mark on the world.

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As an international student, embracing this opportunity means not just financial relief but also becoming part of a global network of scholars committed to excellence. MPOWER’s scholarships offer more than just funds; they provide a foundation for future success, personal growth, and the chance to contribute to a global society.

Ready to Take the Leap?

If you are on the brink of taking your academic journey to new heights, MPOWER’s Monthly Scholarships could be the key to unlocking a plethora of opportunities. With a straightforward application process, the potential for regular funding, and the prospect of joining a vibrant and dynamic international community, this scholarship could be the turning point in your educational career.

For those prepared to embark on this transformative journey, MPOWER Financing awaits your application. This is your moment to step forward, share your story, and secure a scholarship that aligns with your ambitions and aspirations. Visit MPOWER’s official scholarship page today to begin your application and take a significant step towards achieving your dreams.

In a world where education is the cornerstone of future success, MPOWER Financing’s Monthly Scholarships offer a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of support and opportunity. As you prepare your application, remember that each step you take is a stride towards not just academic achievement, but towards shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for all.


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