Faculty Mobility For Partnership Building Program

Elevating International Academic Alliances: Canada’s Initiative for Faculty Mobility

The Faculty Mobility for Partnership Building Program, spearheaded by Global Affairs Canada’s International Scholarships Program since 2017, stands as a pioneering effort to enhance the global engagement of Canadian post-secondary institutions. This initiative is meticulously crafted to empower faculty members from Canada to undertake short-term research and teaching endeavors in Latin America and the Caribbean. The primary goal is to foster the development of enduring partnerships that span research collaborations, student exchanges, joint academic programming, and capacity enhancement.


Program Insights:

  • Initiative: Faculty Mobility for Partnership Building Program
  • Organizer: Global Affairs Canada
  • Administration: Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD)
  • Deadline for Application: December 5, 2023, by 11:59 p.m. EST
  • Grants Offered: Multiple
  • Maximum Grant Value: $7,000
  • Grant Renewability: Non-renewable

At its core, the program seeks to carve new pathways for international academic cooperation, enabling Canadian scholars to forge meaningful connections with counterparts in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Program Highlights:

The program is accessible to full-time professors at Canadian universities, encouraging them to engage in a variety of academic activities across numerous countries within Latin America and the Caribbean. These activities are in partnership with institutions that are part of the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP), supporting a wide array of academic initiatives such as student exchanges, joint projects, and capacity-building efforts.

Financial Aspects and Responsibilities:


Participants are awarded up to $7,000, covering expenses for a period ranging from 3 to 8 weeks. This funding is intended to assist with costs related to visas or study/work permits, transportation, health insurance, and living expenses, excluding equipment purchases. Canadian institutions are responsible for the prudent management of these funds, adhering to a strict grant agreement with Global Affairs Canada and ensuring the return of any unutilized funds.

Eligibility Requirements:

Candidates must adhere to specific criteria to qualify for this innovative program:

  • For Professors: Must be full-time faculty members at a Canadian post-secondary institution recognized as a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).
  • For Institutions: Must be DLIs in Canada, with host institutions located in eligible countries under the ELAP, including nations across the Caribbean, Central America, North America, and South America, such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Jamaica.
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Selection Mechanism:

The selection process evaluates applications based on the potential for partnership development, the execution of activities that promote collaboration, and the quality and impact of the proposed activities. Preference is given to first-time applicants and those aiming to establish new partnerships, particularly institutions with limited experience in international collaborations.

Streamlining the Application Process:

The application procedure is designed to be straightforward, enabling Canadian educators to participate efficiently. Canadian institutions must appoint a coordinator, create or use an existing My EduCanada account, fill out the application form accurately, attach necessary documents, review the application thoroughly, agree to the terms, and submit before the deadline. This streamlined process ensures effective representation of faculty members and the fostering of international academic collaborations.

Addressing Common Inquiries:

  • Deadline: Applications by Canadian institutions are due by December 5, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. EST.
  • Grant Renewability: The grants are non-renewable.
  • Tax Implications: Both recipients and institutions are tax-exempt for these grants.

This program presents an unparalleled opportunity for professors to participate in short-term research and teaching projects in Latin America and the Caribbean, significantly contributing to the creation of new partnerships and collaborative ventures. It enhances the international stature and outreach of Canadian educational institutions, promoting global educational exchanges.

For those interested in furthering global educational excellence and seeking to apply or learn more, contacting the scholarship administrator is recommended. For additional details and application instructions, visit the Faculty Mobility for Partnership Building Program page or reach out via email at or by phone at 613-237-4820.

Advancing Global Educational Networks Through Canadian Expertise

The Faculty Mobility for Partnership Building Program, orchestrated by Global Affairs Canada, marks a significant stride towards enriching global academic networks. This initiative not only underscores Canada’s commitment to international education but also amplifies its role in nurturing global academic collaborations. By facilitating short-term assignments in Latin America and the Caribbean, Canadian educators are at the forefront of pioneering research and teaching collaborations that promise to elevate educational standards and foster mutual understanding across borders.

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Enhancing Academic Collaborations:

The essence of this program lies in its ability to knit tighter academic relationships, paving the way for a myriad of collaborative ventures. These include but are not limited to, student exchange programs, joint research initiatives, and the development of dual degree programs. Such endeavors not only enrich the academic experience for students but also provide faculty members with a platform to exchange knowledge, methodologies, and insights, thereby contributing to the global academic community.

Financial Support and Institutional Role:

With a grant cap of $7,000, the program meticulously addresses the logistical needs of the participating faculty members, covering essential expenses that facilitate a smooth and productive stay in the host country. This financial support underscores the program’s commitment to removing barriers to international collaboration. Canadian institutions play a crucial role in this ecosystem, acting as stewards of the grant and ensuring that the funds are utilized judiciously to maximize the impact of the academic engagements undertaken.

Eligibility and Broad Participation:

The program’s inclusivity is evident in its wide eligibility criteria, welcoming full-time professors from a diverse array of disciplines and Canadian post-secondary institutions. This broad participation criterion ensures that the benefits of the program are accessible to a wide academic audience, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and innovations. The focus on institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean as hosts expands Canada’s academic influence and builds bridges with regions rich in cultural and academic diversity.

Strategic Selection for Maximum Impact:

The selection process is meticulously designed to prioritize proposals with the highest potential for sustainable partnership development and impactful academic exchange. By emphasizing the establishment of new collaborations and supporting institutions with limited international exposure, the program strategically extends its reach to areas where it can make the most significant difference. This approach not only broadens the scope of Canada’s academic partnerships but also enriches the educational landscape with diverse perspectives and expertise.

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Application Simplification for Greater Engagement:

The streamlined application process is a testament to the program’s commitment to facilitating participation and engagement from the Canadian academic community. By simplifying the steps involved and providing clear guidelines, Global Affairs Canada ensures that the focus remains on fostering meaningful international collaborations rather than navigating bureaucratic complexities. This ease of application encourages a greater number of institutions and faculty members to explore international opportunities, thereby expanding the program’s reach and impact.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The program addresses several common queries, providing clarity on aspects such as the non-renewable nature of the grants and the tax-exempt status for recipients and institutions. This transparency and support are crucial in maintaining trust and encouraging participation from the academic community.

Conclusion: Bridging Academic Worlds:

The Faculty Mobility for Partnership Building Program is a cornerstone in Canada’s strategy to enhance its global educational footprint. By supporting Canadian faculty members in their endeavors to collaborate with institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean, the program not only fosters international academic partnerships but also contributes to the global exchange of knowledge and cultural understanding. As this initiative continues to evolve, it promises to further solidify Canada’s position as a leader in international education and partnership building.

For educators and institutions interested in leveraging this unique opportunity to expand their academic horizons and contribute to global educational excellence, detailed information and application guidelines are available on the Faculty Mobility for Partnership Building Program website. Engaging in this program is a step towards not just personal and institutional growth but also towards contributing to a more interconnected and collaborative global academic community.


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